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NON prescription lenses. ColourVUE contact lenses offer you the opportunity to give your eyes a makeover at any given time. Our large range of lenses covers all eye colour needs, whether you want to enhance your natural look or opt for a complete change of eye colour. For those who are partial to the party lifestyle, our Crazy Eye lenses are the perfect finishing touch for any costume – featuring lenses based on movie characters as well as a large variety of other exciting designs. We value the comfort of your eyes and can assure you that our contact lenses are one of the most comfortable available. All of our lenses are TGA approved and are renowned for being very comfortable to wear courtesy of our Hydrogel technology which allows high oxygen permeability. The unique three layer colour sandwiching method prevents the colours coming into contact with the eye, ensuring wearing the product to be safe and durable. These contact lenses are made to last and can be used as many times as you want for three months from the time that you open them.

We recommend ReNu Multi Plus cleaning and storing solution and a contact lens case to keep you lenses in tip top condition.


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